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Under the Disability Discrimination Act (1995), it is unlawful to treat disabled people unfairly. Therefore it is now vital that you have disabled access to your business. In order for you to do this you will need a lift or ramp at the access point of your store and similarly to subsequent storeys.


We offer the best solutions to these issues and with your help; we can have your workplace fully accessible in no time at all.

Create an environment suitable for all your potential customers

If you are operating a lift on your premises then there are some health and safety issues to consider. Our staff are fully trained so that they can explain these to you and make you aware of your responsibilities.


To make sure that you are addressing all the necessary criteria, maintenance shall be carried out on your lift every six months. This is to ensure your lift is still safe to use.


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Health and safety issues relating to lifts that you have to follow

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Access solutions in Lincolnshire and beyond

At Calandine Lifts Ltd we take all the possible measures required to ensure that our operations have a minimal effect on the environment. Whether we are working from our office or at a work space, we are fully committed to reducing waste, recycling and selecting environmentally friendly products.


Our products are sourced locally, where possible, to reduce our carbon emissions. Furthermore whilst designing our products we try to utilise low energy products.

We care about the environment

Access solutions in Lincolnshire and beyond